Product No : 01120076
Product Introduction
•Used to fix and align the camshaft in TDC position.
•Applicable: BENZ AMG C63, C63S biturbo 4.0L, V8 petrol engine.
•Applicable engine: M177, M178 from 2015.
•MM number: 177589014000, 1775890001500
Mount hold-down too (1):
During assembly of the screw/ bolts
screw in until the bearing
bracket lies flat on the hold-down tool(1)
Mount fixer (5)
Insert holding device (4) between
camshaft positioners (B) and tighten.
Mount aligner (3.2)
Before assembly of the aligners, the exhaust camshaft and intake comshaft
must be in the TDC position so that the aligners can be put in place and mounted
without further pressure. The positions of the camshaft must be point
upwards before assembly of the aligners.
Use special tool to rotate engine at center bolt of crankshaft in the direction of
engine rotation through two revolutions and position cylinder 1 at 40 degree
after tdc.