Product No : 047-0107
Product Introduction
Models 2.5mm (3/32”) and 5mm (3/16”) orbit options
• Non vacuum, central vacuum and self vacuum options
• 1”, 3”, 5” and 6” “hook & loop” pad options
• Only 1.6 CFM average air consumption and 6.2 CFM continuous running under load
• Advanced silencing technology reduces noise levels to 80 d(B)A
• Patented double sealed, lubrication free motor prevents dust contamination of the air motor and
eliminates the need for oiling
• Orbital sanders feature the “smooth throttle lever design” and “optimized ergonomics low profile”
providing unmatched comfort on end-user’s hand wrist area and user-friendly for long operating periods
• Patented “anti vibration” motor reduces vibration level to 0.8 m/sec2
• Low weight: Orbital sanders 0.9 kgs
• Low profile: Orbital sanders 93mm high